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Oamaru Heritage Radio Trust

Oamaru Heritage Radio Trust was set up by a group of enthusiasts back in 1998 after they were given an old broadcasting panel by Mr Lynch Bloss via the North Otago Electrical Heritage Trust.

With help from Work and Income New Zealand, the Oamaru DX League and people from North Otago community with grants, donations, recordings and other material, the first official broadcast was on the 20th April 2001, from a premises on Harbour street.
the transmitter was small in those days, and could only cover a few blocks around Harbour street.

After a couple of moves and transmitter upgrades, Oamaru Heritage Radio now transmits on two frequencies 88.3FM and 107FM and with an antenna on top of South Hill and out North End the station now covers all of Oamaru and some of the surrounding areas.

Oamaru HabourCourtesy of Oamaru Muesem

View over Oamaru